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Features and Advantages
  • The smallest and most compact lab water system from tap to ultrapure water, integrating pretreatment, RO, DI, UV, UF and terminal filter into one.
  • Whole case with one time injection molding process, material: polypropylene, avoid rusting and keep clean, to meet GLP standard.
  • Top cap of pretreatment in the case can be rapidly opened to replace the cartridges without opening the case.
  • System automatically works, with electronic pressure sensor and microcomputer controlling.
  • Automatic stop without water, automatic stop when water tank full, automatically cutting off water when pump stopping, guaranteeing 24 hours work.
  • Auto self-flushing of RO membrane function, extend RO membranes life.
  • On-line resistivity monitor, with apheliotropic LCD display, to detect the quality of deionized or ultrapure water.
  • Attached portable TDS (total dissolved solid)/conductivity test pen, with dry cell design, to detect the quality of feed water and RO water.
  • External water tanks is optional to meet different need and assure ample water-supply.
  • Tube and adapter with NSF authorization and top quality, reduce TOC level and assure ultrapure waters quality.
  • Long life pretreatment (including PP fiber, and active carbon cartridge), effectively protect RO membrane.
  • RO module with DOWs membrane, ensure long life, stable operation and high desalinization rate.
  • 4 independent ultrapure cartridges with DOWs top polishing resin, ensure ultrapure waters quality up to 18.2 MΩ.cm, with the lowest TOC level and running cost.
  • Double wavelength (185&254nm) ultraviolet lamp module, restrain bacterias increase and reduce TOC.
  • MWCO 5000D ultrafiltration module, effectively eliminate endotoxin, and suitable for precise cell cultivating and IVF.
  • (0.45+0.1)m double layer PES terminal disinfection filter, assure that terminal pure water is absolutely axenic.

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